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A modernized approach to social-emotional development

What is Possibility School ParentPrep?

Possibility School ParentPrep provides social-emotional developmental opportunities for adults who are pregnant or plan/desire to have children: the opportunities for essential learning on how to raise your children to be more socially and emotionally ready (Emotional Intelligence) in learning environments , so your children could create new possibilities to be effective in this fast changing and globalizing world.

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What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and why is it important in learning?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in learning means how socially and emotionally ready one is to learn most effectively. It entails the abilities to recognize our own and others’ emotions, use emotional information to interact with others effectively, manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goal(s).

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is strongly related with the effectiveness, health, relationship successes, and quality of life. Parents who consciously make efforts in enhancing their own Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and developing Growth Mindset will be more likely to raise emotionally intelligent children , and therefore, more healthy and successful human beings.


There are 6 areas we focus on enhancing Emotional Intelligence in the current and future parents as well as developing in your children.

Sense of Self
How I view myself
Emotional & Stress Management
How I feel, what I do with this feeling
Cognitive Styles
How I perceive things and make sense of them
Resilience & Adaptability
How I overcome challenges and thrive
How my mind and body are aligned in healthy ways
Interpersonal & Leadership Skills
How do I relate with others and influence them for the positive

Academic achievement.

Highly intelligent children with great efforts may not always perform academically at the expected level. Why? The fact is that high IQs do NOT predict effectiveness, health, relationship success, and quality of life according to an abundance of research.


Because Academic achievement is a function of [Intellectual Abilities, Efforts, Grit, Motivation, Health, Mood, Arousal, Learning Environment, Family Dynamics & Community, Learning Styles, Endurance, Love for learning, Reinforcement, Emotional Intelligence {Self Esteem, Self Efficacy, Management of Emotions, Resilience, Adaptability, Social Skills, Communication, etc.}], not just IQ and efforts.

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Family dynamics

At Possibility School ParentPrep , participants will learn about how family systems work, and how family dynamics influence children’s development, in addition to the foundations for effective parenting skills.

With this understanding, you will have more tools to create healthy family dynamics and environment, where your children can grow happily and with more supported social-emotional readiness ( Emotional Intelligence ) for the most effective learning.