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Nini Le Huynh is an actress and film producer. She has worked in film production since 2009. Her short film, The Dark of Night, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. Nini made her acting debut in 2014 on House of Cards. Nini works directly with actress Robin Wright. In 2014, she helped Wright and designer Karen Fowler launch Pour Les Femmes, a socially conscious sleepwear line that help sexual violence victims in Congo. Since then she has continued to work with corporations to raise money for organizations such as Action Kivu, Synergie des Femmes and The Enough Project to support women in Congo. Nini is extremely passionate about working with underprivileged children. She is a volunteer at The Lower East Side Girl’s Club. She has volunteered at various non-profits such as Planned Parenthood, United Way and more. Nini received her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication & Media Studies at The University of California, Berkeley in 2008.