Growth Mindset Workshop

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What are the objectives of the workshop?

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Who should attend the workshop?

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How and what do we learn?

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Growth Mindset Workshop is over 4 Saturdays for adults to enhance their own social-emotional readiness, so you and children can create new possibilities to be effective in this fast changing and globalizing world.

Learning Objectives of Growth Mindset Workshop

(1) To increase self-awareness and understanding the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in yourself to also enhance EQ in those close to you, including children.

(2) To begin to recognize your own strength and developmental needs, and start enhancing your own EQ and start creating new possibilities for yourself and close people.  

(3) To learn the fundamentals of how to raise children, so they can grow healthy, successful, adaptive, and can create new possibilities.  

Who Should Attend Growth Mindset Workshop?

Ultimately, at Possibility School Growth Mindset Workshop, we educate and support adults to make timely and effective decisions on how to interact with your surroundings and children in loving and EQ-enhancing ways.

This enables you to put yourself and others into action to maximize their learning potential and prepare/encourage them to gradually find solutions in all situations.

How and What We Learn

Class Size

A small class size of up to 20 adults.


Learning Methods

Adults learn via discussions, simulations, projects, and direct or virtual or vicarious experiences based on your Personalized Educational Plan (PEP).


Workshop Facilitators

Growth Mindset Workshop is facilitated by a team of experts, including a licensed psychologist, a certified personal coach, and leading creators of new possibilities.

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Growth Mindset Workshop Pricing

Prices include lunch.
PreSale (12/31/19) $1,000$1,800
Early Bird (1/15/20) $1,500$2,500
Full Fee$3,000 $4,800

Class Times

Location: Palo Alto, CA
ModulesDate (Saturdays)Time
1Feb 1, 20209:45 AM - 6:00 PM
2Feb 22, 20209:45 AM - 6:00 PM
3Mar 14, 20209:45 AM - 6:00 PM
4Mar 21, 20209:45 AM - 6:00 PM